ADS Drives is a dedicated organization of professionals who work to provide the service that you expect, but seldom find any more.
We are driven to serve and support you, make your life easier and provide you, with the peace of mind that all your Drives and Control service needs are met.

Of course we keep the old running, but we also have ways to get the old to communicate better with you, to communicate with other devices, to be from the past, but also, part of the future. We can use your hardware with the up-grade process and integrate new products, so both work seamlessly together. This gives you the flexibility to choosing between adding a new section to improve production, or having to wait for capital funding to tear it all out and start over. We can leave the operator interface as is to eliminate training, or operator resistance to change, or take you to the latest in HMI technology.

The Drives Whisperer…………………………….

We speak many languages, meld with the hardware,
bringing together protocols from throughout the endless sea
of time, across the drive room or across the mill.
We bring a sense of order, communication and coordination.

Old to new, past with present, harmony, and synergy. We can get
you where you need to be, increase your awareness, expand your
understanding and knowledge, or simply guide you through the
journey to unending production. Want to stay with the familiar,
tried and true drive system, but need more reliability? That’s fine,
we like that too.

You are the customer, you are the boss. It is your decision, your vision, that we will help you to obtain. We can take small steps or giant leaps, what ever fits your budget and needs.