ADS News Release

June 1, 2022

ADS Drives will be ending operations December 30, 2022. Last hardware orders will be accepted September 1, 2022, while service labor will continue through the end of the year. It is the intention to have all business activity and all systems ended in 2022.

This decision is being driven by the retirement of two of the partners, making it impossible to continue operations. It has been a very successful 14 years made possible by our customers who put their trust in the partners of ADS Drives, and a lot of hard work and industry expertise on the part of our field personnel.

A special thanks to our early partners of IACI out of Owings Mills, MD, who provided us access to automation products and initial business support.

Again, we wish to thank our friends, our customers and our vendors for making ADS Drives a success and an enjoyable journey.